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There are 2 types of people in this world:

- Employees with 9-5 jobs and 0-1 sources of income

- Business owners with multiple sources of income

Which one are you?

Better yet, which one do you want to be?!

There's a 92% chance you're an employee working for someone else. It's also possible you're unemployed.

If that's you, it's okay.

Your life can change...

... And it can happen a lot sooner than you think!

It doesn't matter if you're 18 or 80.

It's never too late to add more freedom to your life.

I know money isn't everything, but without money you won't get to experience the world or help out people you love - money is a requirement for living The Good Life.

That being said, I'm sure a lot of people reading this want to know...

What Can You Do To Make Money Starting TODAY?

Here's my answer:

Start your own business.

It's crazy to see how quickly people are starting businesses thanks to modern technology. It's very possible to go from idea to paying customers within a short amount of time.

No joke - but I'm sure a small number people reading this page will got out and start a business tomorrow.

Maybe one of those people is you!

Even if you've struggled to make money by starting a business in the past, what I'm sharing today will help you out.

And I'm sharing it 100% for free.

I know how difficult it was getting started.

People see me on social media and think my life was always this way.

They have no idea.

Before I share today's free lessons, let me be clear:

I Didn't Grow Up Rich

I didn't inherit a business.

Until 18 years old, I never knew anyone who made more than $60,000 a year. No one showed me anything about business growing up.

The only education I had until I became an entrepreneur was public school.

The problem with today's economy is it's growing too fast for the school system to keep up. Schools today are stuck using an archaic system that just ain't cutting it anymore.

Anyone who doubts what I'm saying needs to look at the $1.2 trillion in US student loan debt.

The good news is entrepreneurs like myself are seeing this tragic problem as an opportunity to help people.

At one point in my life I remember having:
- $3,000 in overdraft fees
- $47 in my bank account
- A couch in a mobile home for a bed

I remember one day laying on the couch thinking:

Did I mess up?!

It sure felt like it.

Just when my hope for my future was its lowest, I remember reading a quote in a book from Tony Robbins.

The quote said:

When People Succeed They Party, But When They Fail They Ponder.

Reading this quote was my AHA! moment.

It made me think:

Because I was broke and had nothing to lose, it meant I had more time than anyone else to THINK.

So that's what I did...

I pondered my past and make a note of all of times when I experienced success.

And guess what?

I noticed a pattern...

Every time I experienced success, it was because I had a mentor helping me out.

It was at THAT point in my life when I made it a life-long goal to pursue the best mentors.

I invested everything I had into being mentored by people in all areas of life. From financial services to starting nightclubs to online marketing ” I did whatever it took to learn from the best of the best.

Even to this day I'm still learning.

If you watch my social media, you see me training with some of the top trainers in the world.

This isn't meant to be a look at me type of story.

I'm sharing it with you because I want YOU to understand no matter your situation, your life can change for the better.

I came from almost nothing and look where I'm at today.

If I can do it, you can too.

If you're still reading this, I want you to know you can do it. And since you've made it this far, I want to share something special with you.

Here are 3 key lessons you must know about starting a business in today's new economy:



This is a HUGE question you must answer.

So many entrepreneurs approach me asking for help with their business. They can't figure out why it's failing. 9 times out of 10, it's because they launched a business that doesn't meet these 3 criteria:

1. Strengths
2. Weaknesses
3. Trends

If you want to launch a successful business that works for YOU, you must make sure it syncs with your strengths. If you're a talkative person and you like asking questions, maybe starting a podcast businesses or hosting events is for you.
On that same note, your business should also consider weaknesses you have or weaknesses in the market. As an entrepreneur, you must NOT view problems as problems; rather, they're opportunities to help people out and earn money as a reward for your solution.

Finally, you must take advantage of trends.


If you procrastinate on trends, good luck (you'll need a lot of it).

Staying ahead of trends is how you get ahead of the curve ” and your competition.

By figuring these 3 things out, you'll be way more successful with your business. I know this because whenever I'm starting a new business, I use these 3 concepts to help me make sure it's the right business for me.

For example, last year I created a multi-million dollar business around how to teach people how to manage their social media.

Here's how it breaks down:
- Strengths: public speaking (making videos)
- Weaknesses: small businesses who struggle with social media
- Trends: get paid to help business owners with their marketing

This is only the surface-level training about this topic.

In my Entrepreneur Starter Kit, I dive deeper into strengths, weaknesses, and trends. Based on what I shared so far, I know some people will use it to their advantage.

I also know a percentage of people will want more help.

If you'd like more help, click the button below to:


Lesson #2: You Must Use An Execution Formula

I sometimes call this an experimentation formula.

The best businesses in the world pivot their product based on the demand of their market.

For example, Apple makes changes in their iPhone based on what people ask for. Entrepreneurs could learn a lot from Apple.

One key lesson is NOT being in love with your initial idea.

An idea is only good for getting started, you also need to improve your idea based on experiments you run on your market.

If you don't, you'll fail.

Just look at Kodak.

For years they were the top brand when it comes to photography.

But then ” almost overnight ” a small startup of 30 people took them out of business. You've probably heard of this startup.

It's called Instagram.

The same thing happened to Blockbuster and right now it's happening to Yahoo. When it comes to growing your business, you need to be willing to change your idea.

It's in the best interest of your market ” and your bank account!

Here's another lesson:

Lesson #3: Always Use a Trainer

A question you should always be asking yourself is:

Who's training me?

You're not going to get the results you want ” in the shortest amount of time possible ” without a trainer.

The best performers in the world used trainers, coaches, and mentors.
- Warren Buffett
- Mike Tyson
- Steve Jobs
- Oprah
- Mark Zuckerberg
- Elon Musk
- Michael Jordan
... And the list goes on.

No matter what type of business you start, you will need a mentor because you'll have questions about specific things you can't find info about online.

You'll save yourself from being stressed out if you have someone with personal experience guiding you.

Being an entrepreneur doesn't mean doing it on your own.

When it comes to getting trained, you have 3 options:
- In person (the best)
- Online or books (easiest)
- None (AVOID!)
My advice is to use all of the above.

When possible, get trained in person - it's the best way.

But I understand in person isn't always possible, especially if you're just starting out and have no money to travel.

I realized finding mentors and getting help with starting a business is a huge challenge for new entrepreneurs.

Every day I get at least several hundred (often several thousand) messages asking me:
- How can I start a business?
- What type of business is best for me?
- Can you help me fix my situation?

As much as I tried answering the questions, it's just not possible to answer thousands of messages a day. It's way too time consuming and I often repeat the same answer.

So here's what I did.

I recently created a step-by-step program for starting a business.

I'm calling it:‹


Entrepreneur Starter Kit

This program walks you through how to launch your own business in under 8 weeks, even if you have little money or experience.

All I'm asking from you as far as time commitment is 15 minutes a day. You could do more, but I recommend at least 15 minutes a day to let the information sink in.

The only thing required is a phone or laptop and the internet.

If you don't have full access to the internet, don't let that stop you. I've had people message me saying they've gone through my previous programs using free public WiFi.

The lessons in the program include business advice I've learned from a history of investing $50,000-$150,000 a month on training. Ever since my AHA moment, I've invested in top-notch trainers from around the world.

My goal with this program is to set the bar higher than ever.

There's a lot of business training out there, but most of it dated or isn't from someone with real-world experience with starting and growing a business.

When I did a poll on Twitter about the price for this, people said they'd pay $25,000 - if they had that much.

The second-place winner was $10,000.

This means if I wanted to charge $10,000 for this, I'd get sales.

But looking back at what it was like for me starting out, $10,000 is asking too much for someone new. I'm not doing this to be greedy; I really want to help people start a business.

So instead of making my Entrepreneur Starter Kit $10,000, I'm setting the amount today to less than a dollar per day!

No Risk Guarantee!

If it doesn't work for you within 8 weeks, I'll give you all your money back.

It's that simple.

In other words, this is free to try out for the next 60 days.

- If it works for you, which I'm sure it will, you'll earn more than you've invested in the program over time.
- And if it doesn't work for you, which would be surprising, I'll refund 100% of your money.

In addition to guaranteeing your investment today, I'm adding the following bonuses IF you act quick.

3 Bonuses For Quick-Action Takers

I reserve the right to remove these bonuses at any time

The following 3 bonuses are only for you if you're ready to get started today. If $997 is too much of an investment for you right now, I have a payment plan that splits up the investments into 4 monthly payments.

Whether you go with the full amount upfront or the payment plan, here are the 3 bonuses I'm giving you IF you take action now:

Private Facebook Group

This will be an online private group for you to ask questions to interact with people who teach in the program right on your phone. This means instead of just watching the lessons online, you can engage with the teachers in the videos.

This level of personalized advice and support is normally $997 a quarter - or $4,000 a year, but if you invest in my Entrepreneur Starter Kit today, you'll get 1 year access to this group for free.

1 Free Ticket To Meet Me In Person 

As a way of thanking you for making an investment in my Entrepreneur Starter Kit, I'll give you one free ticket to attend on of my upcoming events. This will be your opportunity to see me speak in person and be around like-minded entrepreneurs.

Normally my conference tickets go for $100-$500, but if you invest in my Entrepreneur Starter Kit today, you'll get 1 ticket for free.

10 Fast-Track Business Kits

I understand you might struggle with coming up with a business idea.

Or maybe you'd like to start with a proven model.

As my third and final special bonus, I'm going to give you 10 business launch kits from self-made entrepreneurs making at least $100k a month.

These 10 launch kits range from business models such as selling clothes online, building apps to sell, selling on Amazon, or how to start a consulting business.

The 3 bonuses valued at thousands of dollars can be yours at no extra charge. All that's required is an investment in my Entrepreneur Starter Kit that's fully guaranteed for 60 days.

You have nothing to lose with this offer I'm making you today.

Before I wrap this up, I have one last request.

After you get your Entrepreneur Starter Kit and you start your business, I'd be thrilled if you sent me your story about your success.

Every day I get hundreds of messages from people I've helped. It's the highlight of my day to read these types of messages.

If you've made it this far in the page, I have a vested interest in you.

While many people are busy glued to the TV, you're here.

I don't mean this in a woo-woo way, but there's a reason for this.

I believe you were destined to be here and I believe in your ability to take control of your future.

Let me help you out by showing you how to launch a business within the next 1-8 weeks, even if you have little money or experience - guaranteed.

Get started now by clicking the button below!

Stay Strong,



Yes! With the free training on this page, you CAN flip real estate on your own. But here's the thing ” most people take 2-3 years before they finally figure things out to the point where they're profitable. And that's not all ” the other common mistake most people make when getting started is trying to rush straight to the top (think: multi-million dollar deals).

Flipping real estate is like climbing a ladder; you need to go step by step. If you try to climb too fast, you'll fall down. You'll go in debt. You'll get frustrated and give up.

0.0001% of your reading this may have success doing this on your own. If you think those are good odds, good luck ” feel free to close this page and let us know how it goes.

But for the rest of you; those of you who want hands-on training based on experience “ not theory, click the link button to join this test group.

I set this up in a way that can't fail you.

This program will either work for you or you will get your money back.

And when it does work for you, the cool thing is your profit will end up paying for your initial purchase for this program.

Here's the catch you must be willing to do the work, follow through with the material, and stay open-minded with the training. You're going to learn a lot of new strategies and it will disrupt your normal way of thinking.

But as long as you pace yourself through the program, it can't fail you because you can get your money back.

Yes, people will take advantage of this. But I want to make it easy for you to refund the program, so you can sleep well knowing your investment is 100% guaranteed.


During the video we mentioned the 3 essential needs for all humans to survive: food, water, and shelter.

As long as people need a place to live and survive, you will always have business and opportunity to make money investing in real estate.

This program is based on the shelter business. Since it's an essential need required everywhere in the world, this can work for anyone.

In addition to that, this isn't just for people living in the US.

In fact, you can still invest in real estate in the US  even if you're in a non-US country. The US real estate market attracts the most foreign investment of any country in the world.

My Snapchat following has a majority of younger audiences and my Facebook following has members up to 60 and 70-year-old people.

We'll have all ages in this program. Age does not matter.

When people are thinking about properties to purchase or rent, they never ask the age of the owners. It would not influence their decision.

If you're 14 and you want to invest in real estate, you might need to look at properties with a parent or a friend, but hey  you can do this with your parents or partners.

The millionaire, JR Simplot, first invested in real estate when he was 11 years old and had 3 employees.

It's for all ages, genders, and ethnicities.

If you think you're too old... it's better late than never.

And if you think you're too young... think about who got started at a young age... Bill Gates, etc.

A part of me wants to say yes, but that wouldn't be fair to all the other people who were able to get into the program and paid the full price of the program.

What I would do if I were you is I'd make this a lesson for myself.

I'd say How do I make this so it never happens again?

Open up a bank account and call it your Opportunity Fund. Start setting aside money that you put into this account that you can tap into when certain opportunities arise that you never want to miss out on.

Will we be focusing on rental real estate, flipping real estate, or wholesaling?

Cole says you want to be a "focused specific," not a "wandering generality."

Like what Confucius said, If you chase two rabbits, you wind up with none.

We'll be mainly focusing on rental real estate, passive income, and wholesaling.

We'll be touching on other options, but mainly focusing on ways to create passive income.

It's like college where you major in a specific subject, but you minor in some other side subjects.

I'm going to train you how to manage your money. Everything you need to know about money that we should've been taught in school.

I'll teach you how to actually enjoy your money instead of just living to work.